Banajeet Barman Facts Behind his business

Banajeet Barman in a name of barman tech associate from guwahati assam is running a controversial business and this writing is all about the ethics of his business principle


Banajeet barman a young energetic guy from Assam gateway i.e Guwahati living in a small family runs multiple businesses under the trade name Barmantech Associates. Barmantech Associates is involved in following nature of business

  • Works Contract
  • Retail Business
  • Recipient of Goods or Services
  • Wholesale Business
  • Supplier of Services
  • Warehouse / Depot
  • GST- 18BHPPB9901E1ZB ( Active as per as GST portal)

Mode Of business:- In Recent years and mainly post covid period banajeet barman has gained momentum in his business and it can be seen as people rushed to invest in his firm for continued profit. And this is because almost 10 thousand people have already developed a strong faith in his business due to his consistent word and delivery profit margin as given.

Many people have built their financial base strong after getting invested in banajeet barman. People may initially think this to be a bogus investment but in reality, this is not. to prove this some people try their luck with minimal investment, and after getting the desired or promised profit by banjeet barman the same people invest in massive amounts and they are impressed and stay with banajeet barman

This is not to mention that people who once were tea sellers now can buy luxury cars, and construct multi-storied buildings after investing in Banajeet barman.

Way of Business: Now this is a question to everyone before throwing once money into any business how the business maker will utilize the investor’s money and profit margins? The same also goes for banajeet barman as to who he would invest the money and way to earn such profits. here this is to be clear that the money gathered from small parts will be used to procure huge consignments like goods, utilities, Gas, petroleum, Grocery items, and food items in which one needs massive capital, and without mass investment, this would not be possible. In common business terms, this is called a syndicate. But people from Assam are scared by hearing the word syndicate as they think this is a black business. but trust me, syndicated is a term that is used for large-scale deployment by a group of people and makes it possible that would not have been possible otherwise for a single person.

The risk associated: Any investment will have some risk, As to gain something in a short period of time risk will be there. From the views of investors of banajeet barman it’s clear that the risk is minimal. Nowadays people are blindly investing in any internet business, online trade, cryptocurrency, etc which are highly volatile, and the main point is that you don’t know with whom you are investing. But banajeet Baraman is a very well-known face and a reputed person. he exists in this world and you can have his physical address, mobile number and most importantly you will get a bank cheque and agreement as collateral security of your money. So the risk is minimal.

Should You invest in 2023 The answer is definitely Yes? Ups and downs are there in businesses. Even in the world, MNCs are prone to business loss. many Business tycoons are vanishing in history. however, banajeet barman is consistent in his business since 2017 and recently he is running many government projects with PPP(public-private partnership ) and the year 2023 will be a great prospect for his business because of tie up and empaneled by the government of India. So those who are in dilemma whether to invest in barmantech Associates should not look back and can invest as profit margin will increase in coming years.

Final Conclusion: Almost 10 thousand people have already built their multi-crore business and these people are getting profits timely. Some competitors are spreading rumors about his losses in business. he is still here and still working for the business and delivering profits to his esteemed investors, he is not like Bijay malia, Nirav Modi who vanished after luring people’s money. many financial consultants and economists have forecast his exponential growth in business in the coming year. So be a part of his endeavor and makes your life financially sound.